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Deploy Real AI. No hype. Practical and impactful Data & AI found here.

Our Vision: Empower Responsible and Informed Decision Cultures.


Years of combined leadership experience in data & AI

Founded and run by experts in Data & AI; led teams to multiple worldwide awards.

Deployed AI/ML systems, driving real-world impact.

From fraud detection to predictive maintenance, we deliver focused and impactful engagements that made if from idea to successful implementation

Clients served over our years of engagement

From Fortune 50 to State-Wide transformations, startups to long established organizations, and across a range of industries.

Awesomeness gain

Clients feel at least 175% more awesome after working with us.

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic

Meet the faces behind the success! Dive into the diverse
backgrounds and impressive credentials of our team.

Sid Atkinson

Co-Founder and CEO

Sid is Applied Curiosity’s Co-Founder, and CEO, responsible for business development, data engineering delivery, and partnerships. Sid is passionate about informed decision making, creative thinking, and pursuing problems worth solving. 

Lee Harper

PhD, Co-Founder and President
Lee is Applied Curiosity’s Co-Founder and President, responsible for our delivery practices, delivery quality, and AI/ML and data science strategy and execution. Lee holds a PhD from Oxford and regularly mentors the next wave of data science and AI talent.

Phil Rodriquez

CDO Advisor and Governance SME

Phil is Applied Curiosity’s Data Culture Guru, defining and improving our clients’ data and decision-making capability. Phil started his career in financial services, implementing many governance initiatives and driving lasting positive change.

Shawn Deggans

Principal Solutions Architect

Shawn is effortlessly curious and passionate over many different technologies and industries. He currently spends much of his time on IoT, manufacturing, Gen AI, and farming. 

Thierry Dusabiringabo

Data Scientist & AI Engineer
Thierry started his professional career as a data scientist for a software company and spent time in the banking sector. He is thoughtful, thorough, and asks incredibly insightful questions. Thierry holds a master’s from Carnegie Mellon and is an Azure-certified data scientist and AI engineer.

Advisory Partners

Ed Kelly

CDO and Transformation Advisory Partner
Former State of Texas CDO and currently data governance consultant at the Texas Secretary of State.

Julia Bardmesser

CDO and Transformation Advisory Partner
Julia Bardmesser is the Founder and CEO of Data4Real, a strategic advisory firm.

About Applied Curiosity

Applied Curiosity

Founded in Austin, TX, Applied Curiosity empowers organizations to transform, adapt, and thrive through Lean and Agile practices. With deep expertise in these areas, we help companies navigate change, unlock performance potential, and achieve lasting success. More than just consultants, we’re practitioners.
Our award-winning founders and
staff have a proven track record of:

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